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Re: problems with Wireless - Intel ProWireless3945

Thanks I am using at the moment so I give it a try..

On 1/14/08, Jonathan Underwood <jonathan underwood gmail com > wrote:
On 14/01/2008, Jorgen Schelleman < j schelleman gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> Yes I did. I could scan after that fix but still no connection.

Hm, shame.

I have a iwl3945 equipped laptop and have had varying degrees of
success, dpending on which F-8 kernel I use. The one that has worked
best for me is which I pulled from koji here:


If you want to try that, download the relevant rpm, and install it
using the command

yum --nogpgcheck localinstall kernel-

replacing x86_64 with i686 if your laptop is not 64 bit.


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