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Re: Looking for a fast printer

Thomas Cameron wrote:
> All -
> I am looking for a fast printer for home which will Just Work(TM) with
> Fedora.  I print primarily black and white, so that's the main desire.
> I've seen a couple of inexpensive color/black and white printers that
> boast up to 40 ppm but they seem to use a ton of ink and refills are an
> arm and a leg.
> Anyone got any real world experience with good cheap black and white
> printers that don't cost an arm and a leg to operate?
Look at laser printers The printer itself will cost a bit more then
an ink jet printer, but the cost per page is much less. I have had
good luck with both HP and Brother laser printers. Also, if you have
a home network, you may want to spend a little more and get a
network printer. That way, you can share the printer with all the
computers on the network without worrying if a specific machine is

I currently have a HP Laserjet IIIp, a HP Laserjet 6L and a Brother


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