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Re: Linux Friendly Hardware Database ??

Ed Greshko wrote:
John Summerfield wrote:

I don't recall having CD coasters resulting from burn errors before.

It happens I have a Sony CD burner, came with my thinkcentre. It can burn the CDs.

Sony's on my no-buy list.


You made coasters on non-sony drives. You have used a Sony CD burner and it can burn the CDs...and Sony is on your "no-buy list"? Sorry, the logic escapes me.

It seems I can't burn Sony media on any of my non-Sony drives. I don't care to speculate on buying any more Sony media, and since I've been happy so far with Pioneer drives I plan to buy Pioneer drives into the future when I have the need.

It happens that TDK DVD media check out okay using info from the website I mentioned, and those can be bought in any lof the local supermarkets and variety stores, so buying those is pretty simple.

Logic seems simple to me:-)



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