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Re: Passing password in ssh

On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 01:41:46PM +0000, tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:
>    Any way to pass a password (on command line) in SSH?
>    Sure you can use the ssh-keygen and set up public and
>    private keys and all that.  Problem is, in batch mode
>    something can go wrong.  You might not have the entry
>    in the hosts file, or something.  And then your batch program
>    will freeze waiting for a password or human response to type
>    "yes".  It would be good to do like ssh -l login -p password blah blah
>    blah,
>    but I can't figure out how.
>    A second question (acutally alternative).  Any other way to do this:
>         ssh -l login host cmd
>    That is, execute a command on a remote host, other than ssh?
>    Might be an alternative.

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Try expect for this.
With expect you are able to catch events of your session and acting accordingly.
I use expect to change passwords remotely.


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