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Re: Passing password in ssh

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 13:41:46 +0000
tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:

> A second question (acutally alternative). Any other way to do this:
>  ssh -l login host cmd
> That is, execute a command on a remote host, other than ssh?
> Might be an alternative.

There are so many alternatives you'll never be able to decide which
to use :-).

If you have control over both server and client, you can setup
plain rsh-like hostkey or hostname only authorization (but you'd
really want both systems behind a firewall for that).

You can write your own substitute program to stick in the
environment variable SSH_ASKPASS which can retrieve your
password in some alternate (hopefully secure) way and pass it
to ssh when ssh asks.

You can come up with a way to arrange for the batch job
to known about your ssh-agent, and load your keys into the
agent before the batch job runs.

Probably lots more as well...

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