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Re: Good bye

Chris Jones wrote:

But that has nothing to do with my point about enabling the user to install additional software which is why I have an operating system in the first place.

Everyone here knows the deal with Fedora. They don't promote non OSS software for partly legal and (in my opinion, might be wrong) partly philosophical reasons against closed source.

My point has nothing to do with promoting anything or whether the additional software meets your religious beliefs or not. It is strictly about providing a user with a platform that is not limited by design or its inability to provide stable interfaces.

Most people here probably also know you insist of bringing this up in one guise or another every now and then and I don't expect us to get any further this time, so please people don't bait him this time... Time you move on from this gripe (perhaps to Ubuntu yourself ;))

If you think I've ever suggested that fedora 'promote' some other software you aren't paying attention.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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