Periodic Fedora 9 system hangs with jumpy mouse

Steve Dowe steve.dowe at
Tue Jul 1 13:26:58 UTC 2008

> The cause of this problem on my system seems to be when dragging 
> (resizing) a window.  X then seems to hang, the pointer gets jumpy 
I should also have added that the  mouse cursor image "sticks" to the 
diagonal arrow - it doesn't become the normal arrow/pointer again.

I have just booted up in the debug kernel and managed to re-hang X in no 
time at all, using the method described above... :-/

The only error message I can find, both in dmesg and messages, is this:

  kernel: ACPI Error (tbfadt-0453): 32/64X address mismatch in 
"Pm2ControlBlock": [00008800] [0000000000008100], using 64X [20070126]

The timestamp of this log entry roughly corresponds to the occurrence of 
the hang.  But whether this has any bearing on the problem, I cannot 
say.  I would guess that ACPI has some interaction with mouse events 
through X (e.g. polling), but judging by the position of this log entry, 
it appears to be during boot time.

Any advice relating to debugging gratefully received...


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