Yumex cleaned my system..... How do I contact yum-team?

DB Freddog_de at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 19:36:26 UTC 2008

g wrote:
> DB wrote:
>> My problem comes when I try to remove
>> "something" (e.g. CUPS) when yumex seems to consider every application
> i can imagine several reason of wanting to remove a program, cups 
> among them.
> would yours be that you do not print with mentioned system, or that 
> you want to
> print with different program?
Hi G,
neither!  I had been trying a) to get my Epson all-in-one to work as per 
book & b) trying to get a pdf printer installed.

Neither seemed(!) to be successful, then the next reboot stalled in 
CUPS, so I thought remove CUPS & reinstall to see if it had got its 
knickers in a knot .....

I'd had a similar experience on my first install of F9, when I thought I 
could remove all the dial-up options (I use either an Ethernet 
connection or a wireless from my laptop) & yum quite cheerfully took out 
Network Manager & left me without a connection....

To my simple brain(!) it would seem the definition of "dependency" is 
not clean.  I would have thought that a dependency is something which 
must be present for something to function; whereas a relationship 
Master-servant would mean that in  something like CUPS-Firefox, FF is 
the Master & CUPS the servant providing a service.  One should be able 
to remove either the Master or the Servant without destroying the other, 
just making sure the connections are tidied up....



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