Thunderbird and junkmail

Richard England rlengland at
Fri Jul 4 03:56:53 UTC 2008

Ian Chapman wrote:
> Richard England wrote:
>>> Does anybody have any idea why I can't get thunderbird to 
>>> automatically move junk mail that ...
>> OS version?
> Fedora 9
>> Thunderbird version?
>> Settings you have in place (filters)?
> Yes I have filters in place but only for one account which sorts out 
> the various mailing lists into sub folders, however all email accounts 
> are affected the same way. According to the manual, junk mail 
> filtering is done after the normal message filtering. The spam is 
> being left in the inbox albeit marked as such and marked as read. Just 
> for some reason thunderbird won't move it to the junk folder 
> automatically.
I'm not an expert and I'm still running F8 but I AM using TBird

There are two locations that you can set for junk mail. 

The first is via Edit > Preferences and the "Junk" tab.  Here you can 
set the default Junk mail settings. Here I have set 'When I mark 
messages as junk, move them to the accounts "junk" folder'.  I also have 
"Mark messages determined to be junk as read"  set.

The second applies to account specific junk mail filters which you reach 
by Edit > Account Settings and selecting "Junk Settings" under your 
email account. Here I have the following set:
 - Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account
 - Do not mark mail as junk if the sender is in: "Personal Address Book"
 - Trust junk mail headers set by: SpamPal
 - Move new junk messages to:
    "Junk" folder on : <my account>
 - Automatically delete junk mail older than 7 days.

Of course there are settings here you may wish to modify but this has 
been working for me for some time. I would verify that both sets of 
settings are as you wish them to be.

HTH, but remember, I haven't done this on F9 yet. I have yet to convert 
my primary workstation to F9.


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