Verizon DSL ??

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Sun Jul 6 04:28:24 UTC 2008

From: "Jim" <mickeyboa at>
Sent: Thursday, 2008, July 03 11:51

> Scott Harvanek wrote:
>> If they don't have a USB or RJ45 port... I don't know what else they'd 
>> use? osmosis? :)
>> You could.... call and *ask* them what features their modems have. :)
>> -Scott
>> Jim wrote:
>>> I had a bad experience with dealing with setting up a Dialup 
>>> connection with Verizon, once I mention Linux the help desk, a Indian 
>>> ,  he drop me like a hot potato, I failed to do so, never in my 100 
>>> years of use of Linux was not able to setup a Dialup connection.
>>> This computer I'm trying to get on the Internet is a Gateway it uses 
>>> those small pci cards, that doesn't have a ethernet card in it, and I 
>>> will have to use a rj45/USB ethernet adapter, does Verizon DSL modems 
>>> have output ports for rj45 or USB connections.
>>> I have a rj45/USB ethernet  adapter that works fine in Fedora.
> Thanks Scott, I was just  wondering if anyone has a DSL service with 
> them, but you are right.

FWIW I have DSLExtreme over a Verizon based landline connection. The
modem DSLExtreme uses is nothing more than a modem. You need to plug
Ethernet into the modem. And the network has to recognize your Ethernet
adapter's MAC address. For DSLExtreme that is as simple as playing with
their website at little. For Verizon - who knows what evil lurks....

I wonder what the story about FIOS and Linux might be....


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