Verizon DSL ??

Mark Haney mhaney at
Thu Jul 3 19:00:55 UTC 2008

Jim wrote:
> I had a bad experience with dealing with setting up a Dialup connection 
> with Verizon, once I mention Linux the help desk, a Indian ,  he drop me 
> like a hot potato, I failed to do so, never in my 100 years of use of 
> Linux was not able to setup a Dialup connection.
> This computer I'm trying to get on the Internet is a Gateway it uses 
> those small pci cards, that doesn't have a ethernet card in it, and I 
> will have to use a rj45/USB ethernet adapter, does Verizon DSL modems 
> have output ports for rj45 or USB connections.
> I have a rj45/USB ethernet  adapter that works fine in Fedora.

I have Verizon DSL and they have both USB and ETH ports on them.  At 
least the modem I have does.  It's a little more than a year old.  But 
since I'm 300ft or so from the DSLAM I still get well over 6Mbps. :)

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