Fedora 9 Openchrome drv HP w2207h Monitor : Third UPDATE

Beartooth Beartooth at swva.net
Mon Jul 7 21:18:52 UTC 2008

On Mon, 07 Jul 2008 19:42:31 +0100, Frank Murphy wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 18:35 +0000, Beartooth wrote:
>> On Mon, 07 Jul 2008 16:21:41 +0000, I Beartooth wrote:
>> 	Disaster -- but I have no idea whether Frank's xorg.conf had
>> anything at all to do with it.
> Gulp ;)
	[...] <grin> 
> Do the hardware tests, and then have another crack at it.

	I plugged it back in, booted to init 3, moved the xorg.conf it 
had to xorg.conf.fmurph and the backup back into xorg.conf, and then ran 
nano -w against that -- changing "vesa" to "openchrome" but leaving all 
else alone. Then I tried system-config-display again; usually, when I do 
that as root from an init 3 prompt, it lets me use the minimal gui it 
gives me. This time, however, the cursor immediately froze, and I 
couldn't even get to the hardware tab. Keyboard commands did nothing 
visible. The reset button eventually got me a reboot; I changed the 
driver back to vesa, and system-config-display opened properly -- with 
nothing to change.

	I logged out, and back in as user; did su - and then "init 5" 
instead of startx. It hesitated a moment, gave me the normal login 
screen, and let me log in. 

	It looks pretty normal; but neither Galeon, nor Epiphany, nor 
Firefox (the three browsers I've tried so far) can connect. I had to get 
into the little system-config-network (launcher showing two monitors on 
one pipe) to make a connection; but xinet and privoxy were both already 
running. Yum update couldn't connect, either.

	According to bugbuddy, epiphany has just crashed.

	The very bottommost line of Firefox was doing a Saint Vitus 
dance, back and forth. that stopped when I told it to work offline, and 
didn't start again when I rescinded that; but it still doesn't connect. 
Neither does Opera, nor Pan. Stay tuned.

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