cdrecord permission problems

Alan Cox alan at
Tue Jul 8 06:44:15 UTC 2008

> What patches? Below you reject the idea of specifying processes I trust 
> to write individual devices, any patch to add commands to the allowed 
> commands table in a running system could hardly be safer, and the table 
> applies to all processes and CD devices, while I propose matching g+rw 
> on the device with eGID of the process at open and setting some "trust" 
> flag. That allows me to trust only a single device to a single process.

It would be far safer. A configurable command filter stops people issuing
problem commands, a trust this program flag means you are exposed to all
sorts of potential bugs in the programs that you choose to trust.

In the command filter case there is no privilege escalation required. HAL
already runs at early boot and clean of user ability to fiddle so can set
up the tables itself.

> Anyone who puts anything ahead of the disk in the boot sequence is 
> asking to leave a media in a drive at next boot. Stupidity, like virtue, 
> is its own reward.

What a lovely way to treat users, most of whom will have CD first because
that is how the vendors ship their PC.


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