where can I find old fedora disks like V8

Carroll Grigsby cgrigs at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 8 16:42:29 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 08 July 2008 11:54:02 am Rance Hall wrote:
> hey gang:
> I hate to say it but fedora 9 has beat me. At least so far, its simply
> impossible to get X configured and for my workstation this is a
> requirement.
> I orignally wanted to give fedora a try because the core is just like
> centos/RHEL whis is my server of choice.
> I figured it would be easier to manage my workstation if i didnt have
> to learn new service management commands and just go with chkconfig,
> etc.
> so the next option I felt would be an idea would be Fedora 8, at least
> that might work in that when it autodetected my hardware it wouldnt
> recognize it and go to VESA by fallback, and at least that would work.
> Problem, NONE of the mirrors Ive checked so far have a Fedora 8
> install cd *.iso that I can download and burn, I keep finding dvd
> *.isos but my burner isnt a dvd burner.
> what happened to all the Fedora 8 stuff?

Here is one source for Fedora 8 live CD's:


You get your choice of KDE or Gnome. Other architectures (x86-64, ppc) are 
also available. Expect a lot of upgrading, followed by downloading all of the 
stuff that they couldn't fit on a CD. FWIW, I used the KDE CD to install this 
installation of F8, and it has turned out to be stronger than houses for me.

There are other ways of skinning the cat, but I've never tried them.

-- cmg

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