F9: Various /var/log/messages errors....

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at ssa.crane.navy.mil
Thu Jul 10 19:34:28 UTC 2008

Dan Thurman wrote, On 07/10/2008 10:45 AM
> Ha.  No, no, not a knacker HD. It's a brand new SATA 750GB HD. I am 
> installing
> "everything" for fun and then backtracking out any conflicts.  What I 
> found is very
> interesting - LOTS of pitfalls and traps. Sorta like wading into a 
> dungeon and dragons
> game. (Remember that old text-based-only game?)

Have you picked _one_ of rsyslog|ntsyslog and `rpm -e theOtherOne`?
several daemons did not seem to work right at all until we did.

and as for the ifd handlers for pcsc, you only want to have ccid and the one 
that someone put as a dependency of pcscd.  cyberjack seems to hyjack the ifd 
connections until pcscd has no chance of working.

> Anyway, people are wondering why I am doing this and not staying into 
> the normal
> installation procedure (what is a normal installation procedure anyway), 

Pick custom and add only those things I know I need, and I Know don't conflict 
with other things in the base system. (at least for me.)

[basically custom and add everything in the group with the compilers]

> so here I
> am, reporting what I find!  I guess that is my (perhaps idiotic) 
> contribution to this
> group, but here it is.
> I am still stuck on that system-config-services thing - it is truly 
> screwed.  I wonder what
> caused it!  No error messages anywhere!  It is a python script - wonder 
> if I can do an
> strace on it. Hmm.... work in progress I guess.

an `rpm -verify` on the package system-config-services comes in and any it 
depends on may be in order.

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