SOLVED: F9 Problem setting resolution and video lockups

g geleem at
Wed Jul 16 18:38:13 UTC 2008

Joe Klemmer wrote:
>     Thanks.  It reminded me of the days back when you had to manually 
> setup X.  It was a pain-in-the-@$$ back then, too.

i still have all my svr4 on books shelve just look at from time to time
and think about how easy it was then, even tho there was a lot of manual
setting up. after doing setups 5 or 6 times, it came almost second

>     I stuck in 1280x1024 and 1024x768 manually and, when s-c-display 
> ran, it filled in all the rest.

setup progs are getting better. sometimes you just have to lead them
down correct path.

>     I've had this one for around 9 or so years (and it was new when I 
> got it).  If I can devine where to put the info into bugzilla I'll do 
> so. Just for google I'll put the info here as well.

never made a bugzilla report. i figured that if i was told i need to,
i could ask how to. i have seen it in previous post but failed to set
a bookmark for it.

in this case, all i can suggest is what i have in my bookmarks;
	wiki: Bugs/F8Common
sub f9 for f8 may work.

also a search of email;

i believe you have to setup an account before you can leave a bug.

out of curiousness, i logged and
entered in 'quick search' 'Daewoo DWE-707B' which came back with
'Zarro Boogs found.' this is straight from page, so i guess someone
has a good sense of humor.





in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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