that old GNU/Linux argument

Björn Persson listor3.rombobeorn at
Mon Jul 21 19:21:03 UTC 2008

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Björn Persson wrote:
> > Les Mikesell wrote:
> >> I'm not sure there is an anti-GNU/Linux factor - just a pro "the other
> >> 85%" of the distro unwilling to give  unfair naming rights.
> >
> > Are you sure that there really are people who want to include those 85%
> > in GNU/Linux? I'm not. I have now seen several people state that "the
> > whole thing" is Linux, but I haven't yet seen anyone state that "the
> > whole thing" is GNU/Linux.
> The other 85% has nothing to do with GNU, and is usually the driving
> force behind people bothering to install the GNU portions at all.  That
> is, I don't install a system so I can run cp or tar or the other minor
> infrastructure components, I install it to run some useful applications.
>   So it's not so much wanting to include the names of all the more
> attractive applications in the distribution name as not seeing any
> reason to glorify minor components that, after all, have their own
> distribution anyway if anyone is interested in them on their own merits.

You seem to be good at answering without actually answering the question at 
all. I think you'd become a great politician.

You're still talking as if your opponents want to name entire 
distributions "GNU/Linux". I'm not so sure that there really is anyone who 
wants to name entire distributions "GNU/Linux". Are you sure that there are 
people who want to do this? Do you have any evidence?

Björn Persson

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