that old GNU/Linux argument

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Mon Jul 21 19:41:28 UTC 2008

> You're still talking as if your opponents want to name
> entire 
> distributions "GNU/Linux". I'm not so sure
> that there really is anyone who 
> wants to name entire distributions "GNU/Linux".
> Are you sure that there are 
> people who want to do this? Do you have any evidence?

They do, take a look here
if you click on more, see what you find

The wikipedia tries to explain which ones are truly GNU/Linux

There is an article to the 7 most influential GNU/Linux Distributions

Like I have said before, it should not matter but there are many people that do take offense, if you say Linux only, they want to exert their muscle and say GNU/Linux is the appropriate name.  There are no correct answers here :)




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