that old GNU/Linux argument

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at
Tue Jul 22 23:26:59 UTC 2008

On Jul 22, 2008, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at> wrote:

> I suspect the X-related bits outweigh the GNUish parts considerably.

Bring on the numbers!  It won't even matter that the GNU operating
system was designed to work with X and thus technically X would count
more on the GNU OS side than on the Linux kernel site.  But even
without it, you'll see you're mistaken.

Unless by X-related bits you refer to "anything with a GUI".  That
would be comparing apples and oranges.  GNU bits are those created as
part of the GNU project.  If you were to count X-related as "runs on
top of X", then all X-related bits would be GNU-related as well, for X
runs on top of GNU.

So, how are you going to count it to come to the same conclusion?

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