Physical Authentication Tokens

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Fri Jul 25 13:41:53 UTC 2008

Bjoern Schiessle wrote, On 07/24/2008 07:37 PM:
> Alan Cox <alan at> writes:
>> If you are prepared to hack PAM modules then you can write your own for
>> whatever toys you like playing with (be that RFID, smart cards or even
>> stuff like querying a password on a mobile phone via a java applet on the
>> phone and bluetooth)
> BTW for smart cards a pam module already exists it's called pam-poldi.
> Best wishes,
> Björn

or if the (java) smart card has an applet on it that coolkeys[1], muscle[2] or 
opensc[3] convert to pkcs11, you could use the pam-pkcs11 module.

Note: All of the host side software (pcsc-lite, libcoolkeypk11, and openct) 
are available in the yum repositories.

Jay would be interested in :
as that would let him put his own applet on a blank card.
(note the host side of coolkey needs pcsc-lite[2] or openct[from 3] to read 
the card on the reader.)

MCardApplet is an applet you can load on your own card


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