Problems with wireless (AR5007E) and standby on notebook

Arthur Pemberton pemboa at
Sun Jul 27 05:35:43 UTC 2008

First of, here is the smolt profile for the machine:

Check the link there on the Atheros card for info on what I have done
with it so far.

The gist of the matter is that "as is" if the notebook lid is closed
(goes to standby) when it is lifted (resumed) it resumes fine, except
network manager cannot make a successful connection again (keeps
asking for auth info to the WPA network where I am).

The only solution (not necessarily the right one) that I have found is
to remove the module and reinsert it (ath_pci) immediately after doing
NetworkManager successfully swings back into action.

I have open a bug here:

But this was supposed to be a machine that I am setting up for a
friend, so I would like to find a resolution to this a soon as

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