Problems with wireless (AR5007E) and standby on notebook

Jim mickeyboa at
Sun Jul 27 14:59:22 UTC 2008

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> First of, here is the smolt profile for the machine:
> Check the link there on the Atheros card for info on what I have done
> with it so far.
> The gist of the matter is that "as is" if the notebook lid is closed
> (goes to standby) when it is lifted (resumed) it resumes fine, except
> network manager cannot make a successful connection again (keeps
> asking for auth info to the WPA network where I am).
> The only solution (not necessarily the right one) that I have found is
> to remove the module and reinsert it (ath_pci) immediately after doing
> NetworkManager successfully swings back into action.
> I have open a bug here:
> But this was supposed to be a machine that I am setting up for a
> friend, so I would like to find a resolution to this a soon as
> possible.
The driver I think you may find that you want is  
Goto website below and read instructions, there are some modules you 
have to blacklist.
The driver download madwifi-nr-r3366+ar5007.tar.gz is explained .
I did the compile in Fedora 9 without any problems.

You will need to have the:

installed to compile.

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