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On Sun, 2008-07-27 at 17:31 -0400, TechList wrote:
> On Sunday 27 July 2008 03:54:44 pm Aaron Konstam wrote:
> > On Sun, 2008-07-27 at 09:03 -0400, TechList wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > > I used to use printconf-tui -Xexport and printconf-tui -Ximport to copy
> > > printer configuration from one machine to another so that for machines on
> > > the same network I only have to set printer by hand once with
> > > system-config-printer.
> > > It seems that this feature no longer exists in Fedora 8. What is the way
> > > to copy printer configuration now ? should I just copy everything
> > > under /etc/cups ?
> > >
> > > Thanks for any help.
> > > TLP
> >
> > Are they all using the same printer. If they are and they are on the
> > same lan no copying is needed. All the machines will use the printer
> > configured with cupsd.conf on one of them. The client.conf makes that
> > happen.
> I don't understand that. Could you elaborate ? 
> Right now there are two situation. One situation, is that I have 1 machine 
> that acts as a print server with the printer physically connected to it (e.g 
> via USB port). Say I have 5 other computers on the LAN, I have to configure 
> printer on each of those 5 computer to use the same print server, right ? How 
> do I avoid doing "system-config-printer" five times on those machine ?
What I am telling you is your assumption is wrong. The way cups works ,
if a printer is configured on one machine on the lan all the other
machines on the lan. You should not have to any configuring on the other
machines at all. If it makes you feel better you can fill in the name of
the serer on the appropriate line In /etc/cups/client.conf on the client
machines, but that need not be done if all the computers are not on the
ame lan. The server machine broadcasts the configuration to the client
> A second situation is that the printer sits on the network (e.g a printer with 
> ethernet and HP Jet Direct protocol). If I have multiple computer that tries 
> to use that printer, how do I set it up once and just copy the configuration 
> among those computers ?
> On each of the case, I use to be able to just configure printer once with 
> system-config-printer, then do something like 
> "printconf-tui -Xexport > settings.xml", copy around the settings.xml file, 
> and do "printconf-tui -Ximport < settings.xml" for the other computers

Again nothing need to be done on the client machines on the same lan,

Look at local host:631 (web address) on the client machines and you will
see the printers.

printconf-tui is old pre-cups technology.
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