Moved hard drive, can't get display set properly... Intel Graphics card... Xorg.conf

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Tue Jul 29 18:14:37 UTC 2008

linuxguy-3 wrote:
> Good morning, all.
> My laptop died on the weekend.  (HP, 4th time in the last year !)   So I
> pulled the hard drive and installed it in a Dell desktop machine.
> Everything works fine except that I can never get the video/display
> working properly with this setup.
> The laptop used an nvida board and I downloaded the driver from livna.
> That worked perfectly.
> When I first booted with the Dell machine, X wouldn't start, thus I only
> had the console.  I backed up xorg.conf and then deleted it.   X will
> now start, but the screen size is wrong and I can't get to the start
> menu.
> If I run Xorg -configure, X won't start.  
> According to hwbrowser, the Dell machine uses an Intel 82865G Integrated
> Graphics Controller.  It also states the driver is intelfb.
> I can run system-config-display, but the display (Dell FPW2005) doesn't
> show an option for the 1650x 1080 resolution.
> How do I fix things so that the KDE desktop size matches the display
> size ?
> OR
> How do I get the display size to be 1650 x1080 ?  (If I edit the
> Xorg.conf file to add a mode 1650x 1080 line, X won't start again.)

Intel graphics is a can of worms!!

You don't say which operating system you're running.  I have one system with
a 82915G chipset that works in both F8 and F9 with the i810 driver.  A newer
desktop with the 82945G chipset works with the i810 driver in F8 but not in
F9.  See my post on 6/23

"Display from Intel 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller offset to left"

If you are running F9 there is an experimental driver "Intel" 

In F9 everything is supposed to be automatic but woe to you if you need
custom settings.

Robert McBroom

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