Moved hard drive, can't get display set properly... Intel Graphics card... Xorg.conf

linuxguy linuxguy123 at
Mon Jul 28 14:35:17 UTC 2008

Good morning, all.

My laptop died on the weekend.  (HP, 4th time in the last year !)   So I
pulled the hard drive and installed it in a Dell desktop machine.
Everything works fine except that I can never get the video/display
working properly with this setup.

The laptop used an nvida board and I downloaded the driver from livna.
That worked perfectly.

When I first booted with the Dell machine, X wouldn't start, thus I only
had the console.  I backed up xorg.conf and then deleted it.   X will
now start, but the screen size is wrong and I can't get to the start

If I run Xorg -configure, X won't start.  

According to hwbrowser, the Dell machine uses an Intel 82865G Integrated
Graphics Controller.  It also states the driver is intelfb.

I can run system-config-display, but the display (Dell FPW2005) doesn't
show an option for the 1650x 1080 resolution.

How do I fix things so that the KDE desktop size matches the display
size ?


How do I get the display size to be 1650 x1080 ?  (If I edit the
Xorg.conf file to add a mode 1650x 1080 line, X won't start again.)


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