installed FEDORA 9, then facing a lot of problems. Need urgent HELP!

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Wed Jul 30 06:00:22 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-07-30 at 10:58 +0530, ksh shrm wrote:
> *2. Unable to play mp3 files.*
> I am unable to play any mp3 files as it requires to download something
> from internet.
> *3. Unable to play AVI files*
> Similar problem here. I need codec packs for  this,

One option is to visit install the repo file for
Fedora 9, then you can yum install programs like mplayer, vlc, or xine,
which can handle mp3s, or you can install more codecs (e.g. xmms-mp3)
which will allow other programs (e.g. xmms) to play mp3 files.

There's a huge variety of video codecs that may be used inside an AVI
file, and those programs will manage to play most of them.  Sometimes
you might need to add even more codecs to play back more unusual ones.
The mplayer website has an additional package of codecs.  Programs that
make use of gstreamer can have more gstreamer codecs added.  There's
three sets, good, bad, and ugly, you can install all three.

I wouldn't bother going through all of that unless you can't play a
file.  I've rarely needed the extra codecs.

> *4. How to uninstall some softwares.*
> I don't have an internet connection running so please guide me how to
> uninstall softwares from fedora 9.

To uninstall a package called totem, you could do it in at least two

  rpm -e totem
  yum remove totem

See the man files, or other documentation, for rpm and yum.

Both of these questions are FAQs, and answers could easily be found by
doing a Google search.

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