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Re: CD boot problem -

Bob Goodwin wrote:
I have a collection of used parts built into what I want to be
an F-9 computer.  I'm trying to boot from the Fedora 9 Live CD
but no matter how I set the bios setup it doesn't boot.  The
CD drive is recognized, the light on the drive blinks while booting
but it keeps telling me to insert a system disk?

I have a 40G hard drive CS connected to primary master and the CD drive
connected to secondary master also set Cable Select with appropriate
cables [I believe].

Does this seem like a proper setup?

I NEVER trust cable select.  Use the master and slave hard jumpers on
the drives.  In your case (with them on separate IDE buses), set them
both to master.

The motherboard is ASUS P4B533-E with a P-4 processor.  The  40 gig hard
drive already has F9 on it but it had been set up on a failed motherboard
with an AMD ├é┬Áprocessor on it.  So I am dead in the water until I can read
the CD.

Are you sure the CD is bootable?  If you stuff it into another machine
and look at it, you should see a bunch of files on it, not a single
file.  If you see a single file, you burned the CD wrong.

Oh, and you're sure it's a CD and not a DVD you're trying to put into a
CD drive?  Most F9 media is DVD (except for the live CDs).
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