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Rick Stevens ricks at
Wed Nov 19 20:10:59 UTC 2008

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> I have a collection of used parts built into what I want to be
> an F-9 computer.  I'm trying to boot from the Fedora 9 Live CD
> but no matter how I set the bios setup it doesn't boot.  The
> CD drive is recognized, the light on the drive blinks while booting
> but it keeps telling me to insert a system disk?
> I have a 40G hard drive CS connected to primary master and the CD drive
> connected to secondary master also set Cable Select with appropriate
> cables [I believe].
> Does this seem like a proper setup?

I NEVER trust cable select.  Use the master and slave hard jumpers on
the drives.  In your case (with them on separate IDE buses), set them
both to master.

> The motherboard is ASUS P4B533-E with a P-4 processor.  The  40 gig hard
> drive already has F9 on it but it had been set up on a failed motherboard
> with an AMD µprocessor on it.  So I am dead in the water until I can read
> the CD.

Are you sure the CD is bootable?  If you stuff it into another machine
and look at it, you should see a bunch of files on it, not a single
file.  If you see a single file, you burned the CD wrong.

Oh, and you're sure it's a CD and not a DVD you're trying to put into a
CD drive?  Most F9 media is DVD (except for the live CDs).
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