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Re: some doubts about software

On Wed, 1 Jul 2009 22:46:34 +0530
pavan kumar <pavan4c4 gmail com> wrote:

>                             respected sir,
>                  sub: weather i can install fedora linux+windows
> how ???
>                                                          as i am a
> big fan to the linux i want to change my os from windows to linux ,
> but i am not able to manage linux properly , i have not taken any
> courses in our area , no institution in our is unable to tell linux
> very well , so please send some preferences to handle linux. please
> tell me that can i install windows
> + linux in one hard disk, like installing widows+windows in one hard
> as bootable.
>                                                                 thanking
> you,
> yours faithfully,
> pavan kumar,
> gudivada,
> andhra pradesh,
>                                     india.

What you want to do is called dual booting.  Here is a link with more


And here is a link at redhat about dual booting.


Here is a non fedora site about installing fedora linux:


Here is the fedora project link to get fedora from the web, with a
link to the installation guide.


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