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Thu Jul 2 04:06:01 UTC 2009

> On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 00:46 +0200, gilpel at wrote:

>> Then, all kind of directories were created for gpg. It's as though gpg
>> had never been used. That's why I say I have a hard time understanding
>> how Fedora plays with GPG.
>> Of course, not wanting to install confusion between GPG and Fedora, I
>> stopped my trials on GPG right at this step.
> When you use GPG for yourself (such as encrypting or signing email or
> files), keys are stored within your homespace (~/.gnupg/), and you work
> with your personal set of keys.
> When one of the package installing/removing programs deal with GPG for
> working with signed packages, those keys are managed in system spaces,
> such as /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/ and /var/cache/yum/*/gpgdir/, separately from
> your own keys.

That's definitely a nicer, simple yet more learned way of saying things
than "package management hs a seperate database".

Thanks to you all, I certainly have a better understanding of
HowFedoraWorks now than just a few days ago, security-wise, at least.

Things are moving more swiftly than I thought. Of course, I'm eager to
know if any of you managed to read wmv at Radio-Canada. There's even a
link on the homepage:

for RDI en Direct, which is also wmv.

Soon as MediaPlayerConnectivity plug-in comes out for Firefox 3.5, I
should be able to manage by myself, I suppose, but my efforts always lead
me to a "manage" solution until now. Maybe there are better solutions.

Of course, the problems encountered there have nothing to do with Fedora,
but with the Radio-Canada/Microsoft consortium.

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