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Subject: Re: nvidia problem
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2009 09:03:44 -0400
From: Gary Waters <ganana videotron ca>
Reply-To: ganana videotron ca
To: François Patte <francois patte mi parisdescartes fr>
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François Patte wrote:
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Le 04/07/2009 14:25, Gary Waters a écrit :
I recently switched from my old CRT screen to a nice 19" LCD. I am using
the proprietary nvidia driver downloaded from the nvidia site and not
the kmod driver.(NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-185.18.14-pkg2.run).

Did you install something (kmod/akmod) about nvidia from fedora? You
have, maybe, a: "livna display Config" in System>Adm

Go there and untick: Allow livna-config-display to edit configuration file.

Best is to install akmod, it will compile automatically your nvidia
driver everytime you need it when your kernel is updated

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No, I don't have the kmod driver installed. I also remember reading
somewhere that having both the kmod and proprietary nvidia driver
installed simultaneously could cause problems.

When I use "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-185.18.14-pkg2.run --uninstall" from
command line and remove the nvidia driver, X-windows does not start at
all until I re-install the nvidia driver again, which I did to see if
this would resolve the issue.

What would be the safest method to uninstall the nvidia driver and
switch to kmod? Use yum to install kmod, and then init 3 to command line
and remove the proprietary nvidia driver?


*sigh*...I keep forgetting that sometimes clicking on reply sends it the the respondent and not directly to the list....here's the forward...

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