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Re: Samba Issues [ALMOST SOLVED] still need help

Mike Adolf wrote:
Could the problem be
due to the ntfs file system on the shared folder? If I change it to ext
how does windows use it?

How does which windows use it? If the ntfs partition is solely mounted by your Linux OS, and shared with Windows on other boxes via Samba, then the shared filesystem should be ext3 or ext4 (F11) and then selinux can label the files correctly and it should work. The other Windows boxes will see it only through Samba and do not need to know whether it is or is not ntfs.

If you intend to dual boot the system with the ntfs partition and boot into windows on that hardware sometimes, then you need to keep the filesystem as ntfs.

In the latter case you will not be able to set selinux labelling on the subdirectories and files in that filesystem, only for the mount point.

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