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Re: Upgrade from FC6 to FC11

Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> It is a little puzzling that when someone asks on a fedora ML how to
> upgrade Fedora, the answer is often "upgrade to CentOS instead".
> Apart from the dangerous reinforcement of the "Fedora is not for
> real stuff" myth, I wonder why CentOS (or RHEL), which are based
> on Fedora can upgrade Fedora->CentOS when Fedora can not
> guarantee Fedora->Fedora.
> I mean, if there are scripts to convert inittab to upstart, etc.,
> they take life in Fedora and then are included in RHEL, right?
If you look a little clocer, that advice is only given to people
that are several versions behind the current version. If you are 4
or more versions behind, then Fedora is probably not for you. If you
want to run Fedora, you need to be prepared to upgrade your system
at least once a year.

It is more a matter of using the right tool for the job. When the
person's question indicates that Fedora is probably not the correct
tool for the job they are trying to do, it makes sense to advise
them that another tool is probably going to be better for doing that

> Another thing I'm not convinced about is the DVD or yum
> upgrade choice.
> Once upon a time, the DVD (the CD) was the way.
> Not anymore; there are proposal about removing the DVD upgrade
> option.
> So... let's use yum. But it "can't do everything anaconda can",
> so this is "at your risk" too.
> Are we going the path to an unupgradable Fedora?
It is more or a shift to using pre-upgrade to do the upgrade. It is
a work in progress, but it works well for a lot of people. Yes, it
can not do everything Anaconda can do, but it does not need to. It
is specifically an upgrade tool.

> In my specific case, I want to remain on Fedora as it is more
> familiar and more complete than CentOS.
> (and yes, the machines are 64 bit)
Going from FC6 to FC11 is going to take more adjustment then
changing from FC6 to CentOS. But is you want to stay with Fedora,
then with the drastic change of versions, you are much better off
doing a fresh install rather then trying to do an upgrade. There
have been too many changes. You would spend more time tracking down
the cause of problems then you would in configuring the new install.
You can also more easily take advantage of new features as well.

In any case, if you stick with Fedora, you really should upgrade
more often...


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