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Re: Samba configuration

alan duval wrote:

>   [ printers ]
>            comment = All Printers
>            path = / var / spool /samba

no <space> before and after '/'.

> My question:	What should I change "MIDEARTH" to?

'workgroup' you use for your system and 'workgroup' you use for your
virtual box and what you put in 'smb.conf' should all be same.

> As I log on to Fedora as alan should I change it to alan?

alan is your 'user' name, not 'workgroup'. this allows you to have multi
users who can be in same 'workgroup'.

> Or should it be the name of a workgroup in my WIN XP virtual OS?

see above.

> Where does one get the netbios name from to enter in the script,

this i do not recall and i do not have samba on this box to see what i used.

therefore i suggest 'man smb.conf'

also, have a look at red hat deployment guide. latest is at;



crash time. good night.

much luck to you.


peace out.



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