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Re: Upgrade from FC6 to FC11

On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 13:11:53 -0400,
  Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com> wrote:
> The point is that since you have the problem which would be solved by  
> using existing raid arrays, and you have been trying without success to  
> get action as a bug for years, you might be the person to present this  
> as an enhancement request to use existing raid arrays, since that would  
> solve other people's problems as well as yours, and get you some support  
> from people who would also be helped. You don't have to know much about  
> raid-10 to say "use existing arrays," people who know tricks will take  
> it from there, including you.

I asked for it as an enhancement and had discussions on mailing lists.
The anaconda guys don't want to allow raid 1 arrays with one element
to be used during installs. They are aware of the arguments and have said
no. At this point I think the only factor that might change their minds is
how many people want this use case. They already know I want it, so my
pestering them again doesn't add anything.

> Or you can go another four years trying to get someone to agree that  
> it's a bug, and explicit support for degraded arrays should be added.

I already talked about it with them as an enhancement. Just because there
isn't RFE in the summary or a futurefeature keyword, doesn't mean it wasn't
considered and rejected as an enhancement. Also note that I also argued
for nondegraded raid 1 arrays with one element (which is not the same as
a degraded array that normally has two elements) and that was rejected
as well. The farthest they have gone is saying that they are willing
to leave extra unused space so that you could make an partition into a
raid array after the fact. I think that is not a good direction to go
in for several reasons and don't want to pursue that.

I have other Fedora things needing doing, so I am not going to spend my
limited time championing changes in raid 10 configruation restrictions
when I don't use it and don't know much about its details.

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