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Re: Triple boot windows, fedora, and rawhide

Mike Chambers wrote:

1 - When going to install F11 (again) or rawhide, should either detect
my current windows/linux installs and ask to install grub and include
those stanzas?  (Neither detected the other, maybe still rewrite
problems for storage at this stage for this stuff?)

2 - Even if not detected how do I add the missing stanza and is it
basically same already ahve just with diff partitions and kernel

3 - Which grub is installed to mbr and is the other installed to the 1st
partition of it's install or what?  What should the mbr config and the
1st partitions look like?

4 - Should the two installs share /boot dirs so they can read the
kernels and auto update grub.conf when needed?  How does that work if

The way I've always handled "test" installs is to have their installers
put GRUB in their partition boot sectors.  Then in the primary
installation's grub.conf I have stanzas like:

    title rawhide on sda7
        root (hd0,6)
        chainloader +1

    title Test OS on sda8
        root (hd0,7)
        chainloader +1

Booting one of those gets you to a new GRUB with whatever menu the
installer put there.  This way the main grub.conf doesn't have to be
touched when something new gets installed or a kernel gets updated
on one of those partitions.

The only downside I've found is that preupgrade won't work on one
of those chainloaded partitions.  Not really a big deal once you
realize what the problem is.

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                Do NOT delete it.

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