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Re: cups configuration

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I agree with you. My only point was you have to change more than you
> indicated. To make a user appear in the cups SystemGroup may be too much
> power for a single user and it was my opinion the OP waned this power
> for all users which may be too many people having too much power.
My mistake. I agree that giving it to all users would be too much
power. I was not thinking in terms of all users. I think you could
limit it to users logged in locally by using @LOCAL instead of
@SYSTEM. This should allow all local users to use their
username/password. I have not tried it, as I do not want this kind
of permission. I didn't think that was what the OP was after, but
you are probably correct on what he was asking.

It would be better to just give permission for the specific tasks.
More work, as you say, but much safer. And CUPS is already set up to
let you do that.


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