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Re: PostgreSQL setup and use

On 07/15/2009 11:43 PM, Brad Pepers wrote:

2. So now I have it installed and I try to create a database using
createdb. I'm logged in as bpepers and just do "createdb foo" on the
command line. I get this error message:

createdb: could not connect to database postgres: FATAL: Ident
authentication failed for user "bpepers"

Anyone know why this is happening?

You need to "createuser" first. Add a "bpepers" user to PostgreSQL with the right to create new databases. Afterward, you'll be able to "createdb" as the system user "bpepers".

As root:
su postgres -c "createuser bpepers"

The pg_hba.conf is using "ident
sameuser" for local connections. As far as I know this should allow the
postgresql server to authenticate that I'm me.

It does. The server knows your system user name, but does not have a user of its own to which you can be mapped. As such, it does not know what permissions should be given to you.

The first problem means a number of extra steps run as root
and the second seems to mean the user will have to edit PostgreSQL
config files in order to get things running.

No editing should be required.

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