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Re: Ranter or evangelist?

On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 19:22 -0400, gilpel altern org wrote:
> Since I wanted to make sure I'd have all components needed to have a
> nice working MPlayer system, I just installed pretty much everything
> that was suggested. Had I looked more closely, I would have deselected
> anything with the name xmms in it because I knew how much trouble xmms
> has meant to me in the past. But a pure newbie wouldn't know. So, IMO,
> Pirut shouldn't suggest to install xmms when installing Mplayer.

The system can't really make magic decisions that a user is doing
something dumb, e.g. wildcarding, in a too simplistic manner.  Users
need to learn not to do wildcarding without due care.  Usually, they
learn that through committing mistakes.

*You* asked for it, you got it.  It's not its fault.

When I install/update something that offers to install other things, at
the same time.  I check out what's being offered, first.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.

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