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Re: FC11 Random lockups with Celeron 1GHz CPU.

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 9:03 AM, Javier Perez <pepebuho gmail com> wrote:
> Hi
> I am experiencing random lockups on my system. They started with FC10 and now I've had them about twice with FC11
> First I thought the reason was the graphical drivers, but they continued (although less frequently) when I switched down to
> work at level 3 on this pc.
> Usually this pc works as a data server (music, photos) for my home but I use it ocasionally to troubleshoot other pc's at home.
> My PC is a
> Intel Celeron socket 370 1GHz CPU
> Biostar M6VLR board
>   --VIA VT8601A(PLE133T) / VT82C686B chipset
>   -- Trident Blade 3D Core integrated video.
> 2MB RAM(PC 133 MHZ)
> I think I read among the release notes that the minimum requirement with be a Pentium processor,
> I am not sure if one of the optimizations for Fedora is adversely affecting my Celeron system.
> Would it go away I if recompile the Kernel?
> What logs should I activate to try and catch out what is exactly causing the lockups. I do not remember
> any particular activity that consistently causes the lock ups. I checked out RAM with Memtest86 and it doesn't show up any trouble.

I've had random lockups due to faulty memory chips and due to an
unspecified "motherboard problem" (after that I didn't bother to try
and fix the machine). A graphical driver bug will most likely kill the
X server, but may not affect the kernel (and level 3 operation). You
can run memtest to see whether there's anything wrong with your
memory. If memtest hangs as well, I'd suspect a motherboard or power
supply problem.



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