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Re: F12 networkmanager, anyone else worried by this?

Around 12:29pm on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 (UK time), Tom Horsley scrawled:

> As long as I can still chkconfig --level 2345 NetowkrManager off
> and chkconfig --level 2345 network on I'll be OK no matter how
> deluded the NM developers remain about their "replacement" :-).

Why would you want to run network at level 2 (Multi-User mode without

Incidently while I changed back from NetworkManager to network on
earlier Fedora releases, I always gave it a try on each new release, and
am now using it quite happily.  Of course I manage to appreciate those
who put in effort to improve GNU/Linux/Fedora without slagging them off,
even when something doesn't work for me.


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