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Re: Functional GIT on F11 ?

2009/7/22 Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com>
Aaron Gray wrote:
> Well, looks like thats got most of my problems and queries solved.


> Just gotta remember how to do branches and work out how to update
> them against a moving svn project !

Good luck, I see you're on the git list.  There are a pile of helpful
and very knowledgeable folks there. :)
Yeah, I have asked git-svn Q's there before but not got any real answers.

>> Thanks very, vrey much,

>You're quite welcome.
One last question if you have the answer.
How do I use git-svn clone/fetch with bare repositories ?
It just does not seem to work anyway round I try it.
How do I do a git svn fetch to a bare test.git repository created with :-
  git --git-dir test.git --bare init --shared=true
I have tried :-
 git --git-dir test.git svn fetch http://test.org/git/test
 git --git-dir test.git/svn svn fetch http://test.org/git/test     /// fictious address :)
but neither work.

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