[Slightly OT] Re: Ranter or evangelist?

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Fri Jul 24 17:42:43 UTC 2009

gilpel at altern.org wrote:
> So, Karl Larson said that immetrial things like having a CD/DVD burner
> that doesn't work in a final release was a bad idea? I suppose that having
> to reselect what you want to copy in klipper for 4-5 years looks very
> immaterial to you. Then, why don't you correct Peter Gordon when he says
> that: "1% of this is 12.4 million people. That's more than the populations
> of most large cities and heck, even of many smaller countries!"
> Why don't you tell him that it's completely immaterial to have 12.4
> million people having to go back to teh clipboard for years because silly
> programmers allow for years that "New File" enter the clipboard?
> I have absolutely no doubt that, in a year or two from now you will still
> denigrate me without giving any relevant link to the code of what I say
> like you do for Karl Larsen. That's the way all intent to contest the way
> things that leads Linux to having only 1% market share is muted.
>> There are only a few here who are concerned with market share of Linux.
>> Fedora is not really a good distro for newbies.
You are right, Fedora is NOT a good distribution for most newbies.
Unless you enjoy playing with hardware/software, why would you want
a distribution that has a new release every 6 months, and stops
supporting releases after 14-16 months after release? For a user
that just wants their computer to work, and has no interesting in
problem solving, it would be one of their worst choices.

> I would bet that Ubuntu has pretty much all bugs I have noted until now"
> So, I can't see what's the difference.
Don't guess. Try it and find out.

> Fedora is not really a good distro for newbies... or anybody not wishing
> to make Brasero burn and the clipboards working properly, you say? Then
> who are final releases for?
Nobody said that. What people are trying to tell you is that Fedora
is aimed at people that like to try new things, and help fix then
when they break. From the sounds of things, that is not you. That is
fine. Find a distribution that meats your needs. But don't tell the
people that are enjoying what Fedora provides that Fedora needs to
change to match your needs. I for one, like Fedora the way it is,
warts and all.

> One thing is sure, if I was Apple I'd luv to have somebody like you on
> Linux mailing lists.
Actually, I think they like people like you better. People that
complain that all distributions should provide the same experience,
and are not ready for this or that. People that think that every
distribution should focus on market share, at the expense of
everything else.

> Now buzz off, just as you previously said you would.
You almost have the Karl Larson mode down perfect. You are right,
and everyone else is wrong. Now you need to dumb things like using
the you first name as both you user name and password, and then have
sshd set up to accept user name/password logins from the Internet.
Then complain because Linux didn't protect you from shooting
yourself in the foot. You also need to complain about defaults that
don't let you do what you want. Even though they are selected to
make your system safer.


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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