fedora 11 worst then ever release

Ben Boeckel MathStuf at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 16:23:03 UTC 2009

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Farkas Levente wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 5:41 PM, Alan Cox 
<alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> wrote:
>> "all of my system has a wrong openssl version"
>> all these symptoms sound like your upgrade went horribly 
wrong. I've seen
>> preupgrade mash up a box by half upgrading like that. It's 
the main reason
>> I don't think preupgrade is actually safe to use yet.
> i use fedora install dvd in this case! if it's do a half 
upgrade then  it's
> also the bug of the installer.
>> "i already install f11 yum show 2069 packages to update!!! 
just one month
>> after the release! my system consist of 2059"
>> In other words your box didn't update to F11 in the first 
place, it just
>> updated a few things and exploded, which is what it tends to 
do. You were
>> basically running FC10 and a few random bits of FC11.
> as i wrote i use fedora install dvd! if it's jusr updated a 
few things then
> it's also the bug of the installer.

This is a problem with the DVD that is hard to solve. Fully 
updated F10 is newer than F11 was when the DVD was spun 
(especially when the DVD is a month old)...so not everything got 
updated. There was a thread on it earlier on this list. It 
either breaks other things to fix or the DVD is just broken to 
update from after X days of release.

- --Ben
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