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Darko Ilic darko.ilic at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 11:20:35 UTC 2005

On Saturday 16 July 2005 06:17, you wrote:
> At least the (intermediate) compression ratio should be known: eg. for
> zisofs it is ~ 1/3 of the original space required, so i think a static
> divisor (perhaps with an additional failsafe 'minus 50 Mb' or somewhat
> else) should work here.


> All modifications made to the system should be made via rpm packages that
> allow install/uninstall (imho).
> This way it is muchmore easier to 'root out' errors, as well as keeping the
> system clean: the only difference between harddisk and livecd system would
> be the presence of these rpms (imho :)
> If these packages are in the repo, the only thing to take care of would be
> to make sure they` re always installed last.
> (Either as last packages to be installed (eg. autoadded to the package list
> by the installer) or via some postinstall function.

Like the approach!

> modifications.)
> Perhaps toggleable by an config file option (like: usermodify=true ) ??


> >overlay file system or a tmpfs for all directories that are writable,
> In my  expirience, the best way to populate it at runtime is to use a
> tar.gz : a ~64Mb tree compresses to ~8Mb and is extracted in ~4-6 seconds.
> However my approach to move and re-symlink all runtimewritable parts
> currently wrecks selinux :( though it is very easy to handle (just one
> archive for ALL runtime writable directories)

Is there any other way to do that? I`ve seen live CDs that use UnionFS, and 
it`s very elegant solution, but unionfs is not in the kernel... 

> > A2: Stripping out languages (what else can be deleted?)
> Perhaps a good part of /usr/share/doc - at least on a gui livecd.

Yeah, I had that on my mind but wasn`t sure if it is a good idea..

> >Q: how to handle multiple repositories? Do all rpms need to be on the
> > machine
> before installation?

Well, sure they have to be on the machine before the installation, but I was 
wandering should remote repositories be supported, and I`ve decided in the 
meantime that they should.

> >CD Config file (holding information related to the distro)
> >list of packages
> >max image size
> + image type (CDROM: ->700Mb/DVD ->3,8Gb) ?

Is there any difference between bootable CD iso and bootable DVD iso except 
max size? 


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