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[Fedora-livecd-list] Schedule Topics

hello everyone,
We are looking forward for a meeting next week.

Ive designed the TODO List  in accordance to the priority of issues,
just to get things started.
I don't know much about the following issues, which were listed during
the presence of the presence maintainer. Im calling if anyone wants to
grab one of the following feel free.

inform us about your choice ( in the wiki / on the maliling list). and
if you do have other issues that you want to add. Do go on. Add them.

These were the last issues. (were these completed?)

 * !! examine patches to anaconda. Some steps that would anaconda
normally run are skipped in --livecd mode, and it isn`t checked is it
100% safe to do

 * tweak firstboot so we could use it for system configuration

 * fix the problem with HWADDRs in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-*

 * fix the problem with fonts.dir (during system startup)

 * provide a way to strip down languages (from /usr/share/local) and
docs (/usr/share/doc)

 * implement SquashFS (right now it works with zisofs)

 * modify syslog and other things that log to keep shorter logs

 * improve build system (work around .am and .ac files, build RPMs)

 * implement backup/restore function for config files and used data
(use linux4all b/r as a starting point)

 * make SELinux work on live system

 * make kadischi forward command line options to anaconda (so it would
be possible to pass options to anaconda)

 * modify anaconda to calculate expected size of iso image during
package selection (when run in --livecd mode)

 * work around config file (make anaconda ignore %livecd section, make
kadischi able to read that section)

 * create (and integrate) fancy little gui

Ive added my responsibilities. You can do the same :)

Chitlesh GOORAH

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