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Re: Update of libvisual

> Hi - I've had a spec file for new libvisual plugins in cvs for awhile
> (but not building it) - whenever you want to move to new libvisual, I'm
> all for it.
> With respect to gstreamer08 - I'm of the opinion that the libvisual
> plugin should be dropped from it. Core gstreamer plugins never had it,
> and there's not much out there that can take advantage of it.

Brian replied me privately that he's OK with dropping support for libvisual 
plugins in gstreamer08-plugins (which can be done by a simple rebuild).
He's also OK with me rebuilding the package since he's on vacation.

So here's the plan :
 - I'm going to update libvisual to 0.4.0
 - I'll change the gstreamer08-plugins package to bump the release, drop the 
libvisual-devel build dep and add --disable-libvisual to the configure
 - Michael, please update libvisual-plugins as soon as possible.

That is going to happen in the devel branch and the FC-5 branch.

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