lzo 2.02 soname change update coming up (devel only)

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Wed Jul 26 11:34:42 UTC 2006

Hans de Goede wrote:

> Here is a list of all packages that use lzo and if they work with the
> new lzo. Thanks to Ville for the list:
> Affected apps in FE:
> - dxpc: not prepared for 2.x.  Upstream 3.9.0 seems to be.
>   REMARK: This is orphaned, if noone picks it up I guess we should
>   remove it soon.
>   dxpc's license is claimed to be BSD, but because the GPL'd lzo is
>   linked in it, the shipped combo is GPL -> should be reflected in the
>   License tag.

I've updated dxpc's cvs/devel branch to fix the license and updated to 
3.9.0, so should be ready to go when/if someone takes over maintainership.

-- Rex

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