Build error only on ppc

Orion Poplawski orion at
Fri Oct 13 17:54:37 UTC 2006

Roland Wolters wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to build the new ktorrent version (a bugfix update), and the build 
> failed - but only on ppc. Since I do not have any experience in this field (I 
> do not even have a ppc machine here) I'm need some help what to do in this 
> case.
> The error occured for both versions fc-5 and devel in the same way:
> "g++: now: No such file or directory"
> Build job overview:
> Build logs:
> Any idea what I can do/should do? The most troublesome thing is that it is a 
> g++ error - and I thought (until today) that it works the same way 
> independent (more or less) from the underlying architecture.
> Every help is appreciated.
> Roland

The "-z now" option is not supported on ppc.

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