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Re: License review for new itext version

Jochen Schmitt wrote:

in the past we have removed itext and pdftk which depends on itext from
the Fedora distribution due
license issue.

In the new iText package itext-2.0.4 I have found a text file about the
licensing situation of the
source file coming from Sun Corporation Inc.

I have uploaded this file for review on


I want to know, it this ok for Fedora. But I assume, that the last term
about usage this
file for nuclear weapons may be a blocker.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt

The second license is fine, its plain 2 clause BSD, the nuclear facility text means: If you use this in a nuclear facility (say a power plant) and the facility goes BOOM because of a bug in this software, don't sue us, we told you there were no guarantees. Its just added boilerplate to the guarantee disclaimer.

The first might be a problem though, esp the second clause:
ii) Licensee does not utilize the software in a manner which is
disparaging to Sun Microsystems.

Looking up "to disparage" in my dictionary ... it means you cannot use this software in a manner which criticises Sun Microsystems, sounds like a use restriction to me and thus non free, you will need to ask Sun to waive this requirement.

But IANAL the definitive person to ask things like this is Spot (who AFAIK is not a lawyer either, but still he is the one).



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