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Re: GPL and LGPL not acceptable for Fedora!

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Here's some boilerplate for the "COPYING file but no license in the
sources" problem.  I think this needs some work as it has become
extremely unclear to me what files need to bear a license in order for
the work as a whole to be licensed if COPYING cannot be considered to
have any bearing on the author's intent to license the code.

I need to understand that in order to write a coherent query to the
gnome-common maintainers.  (BTW, gnome-common is almost entirely
autoconf macros and Makefile snippets intended for building gnome based
apps.  I'm unclear if there's any code in there that they can stick a
GPL license on without it appearing in the code included in their
downstream gnome apps.  Will they need GPLvX with exceptions or does
this cross some magical boundary to not be a derived work?)

Hi, I'm packaging your software for Fedora 8.  As part of the Fedora 8
process we're trying to make sure that every piece of software is tagged
with the proper license information.  I noticed that you have a copy of
the GPLv2 in the source tarball but the code doesn't contain any
licensing information.  This puts the package on tricky legal grounds
where our legal advice says that the programs produced by the package
may not have a license attached to it; meaning that we can't ship it at all.

Since I strongly suspect your intent is to release this as OSS under the
GPL, it would be great if you could clarify this situation.  We need the
following things taken care of:

1) Which version of the GPL do you want the code licensed under?  GPL
versions that we currently have seen are GPL (any version), GPLv2, GPLv2
or later, GPLv3, GPLv3 or later.

2) Add the license information to the code so that it definitively falls
under the GPL(version).

Thanks for taking the time to look at this problem,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Packager

- -Toshio
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